Creative and technical learning opportunities for young people with autism or Asperger's

TBC helps young people with autism access creative problem solving skills in a fun and engaging way. Projects are mixed between visual and technical and will give opportunities for individuals to excel in a social learning environment. Hopefully, uncovering skills that will lead to a more independent life. We know you are technically brilliant.

Although, specifically for young people with ASD, TechnicallyBrilliant.Club can and has worked well with young people with a range of learning difficulties or barriers to learning. We offer Arts Awards as they are assessed against the products which a young person makes and less on academic disciplines. As all projects require a level of written and maths skills, from storyboards to calculating measurements for a puppet, all students will be helped with basic English and Maths skills.

So…. what can I make?
We like to say anything from art to androids.


We offer:
Animation – Stop Frame
Game Design and Coding
Things that Move
2D Animation
Radio Controlled Puppets
Environmental Machines or Art
Radio Controlled Vehicles
Motion Capture for games or animation
General Art & Design
Film making
Things that fly
Comic Books Design and Production

…basically anything creative you like, you just need to be determined and focussed and as long as it is feasible then we can do it.