Creative and technical learning opportunities for young people, especially those with autism.

How to make a flip/flick book

You will need:

  • some record cards or a small note pad or some pieces of card or paper cut to exactly the same size
  • clothes pegs or file clips or elastic bands
  • pencils or pens or even stickers

The trick to flick books is really to make sure you have your paper lined up really well while you are drawing. I use record cards because the flick well but I have used sketch books and post-it note pads.

After you have drawn your first character, you should be able to see an indent of it on the next page. Your next drawing should be in roughly the same place but arms and limbs may move a little repeat the process until your sequence is complete. Ideally at least 10 – 14 images.


You can keep adding to you animation until you are happy with the result.