Creative and technical learning opportunities for young people with autism or Asperger's
Technically Brilliant Club started as Minecraft Club in Stockport 9 years ago, as all the young people wanted to play Minecraft but their parents didn’t get it. OK, some parents did get it but it was really about helping young autistic people meet and collaborate.

Some parents choose to home school their children, to avoid a ‘one size fits all’ secondary education system. Others with young people with autism realise school or college is just a difficult sensory environment for their children. At TechnicallyBrilliant we try to address this by providing a fun learning environment with small group sizes. The young person directs their learning and we make projects around what they’d like to achieve. Some young people work towards Arts Awards, some make products or prototypes, others just enjoy making.

Workshops cost £20 for a 2 hour session, group sizes are around eight people and all general art materials are provided.
Young people who attend will develop some skills like comic and game design, electronics and programming. So…. that’s what we do, everything from art to androids We provide machines and technology and we all try and make something. Animations with motion capture systems, models with parts cut on a CNC routers, games on our laptops, even films with our cameras… really anything. We hope to uncover the talents that could lead to careers or businesses that will help these young people be a part of the creative community. Help them make some friends and prove they are TechnicallyBrilliant.9